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nano3D Wins 'Best of IBC' Award!

"The editorial teams behind TVBEurope and The IBC Daily have collaborated to choose the best new product innovations at IBC and the Convergent Design nano3D Recorder has won “A Best of IBC Awards”. 

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award. Convergent Design is making a strategic investment in 3D recording and playback devices.  Our goal is to simplify field production by incorporating image processing functions within the recorder. nano3D offers very high quality isolated left/right channel recording, necessary for post production rotate, crop and resize operations. nano3D uniquely offers a simple workflow that is scalable from 2D to 3D, so production and rental companies don’t have to invest in different recording technologies”, noted Mike Schell, President of Convergent Design. 


• Watch the nano3D IBC Interview Video, the nano3D Product Video (in 3D) or some sample nano3D footage.
Industry expert Alister Chapman discusses his experiences with nano3D here.  Download the nano3D Brochure.

     Latest Downloads
nano3D Firmware 1.6.145
FileConverter, PC version, XDCAM .MOV to .MXF
nanoFlash Firmware Release 1.6.29(recommended for all users)
nanoFlash Updated User Manual

nano3D Now with Anaglyph
In a major enhancement, anaglyph will soon be added to nano3D in the form of a firmware upgrade (available to existing customers at no charge).  Anaglyph allows users to evaluate the stereoscopic effect using a 2D monitor.  Anaglyph can eliminate the need to purchase and transport large and/or expensive 3D monitors for field production.  In addition to anaglyph, a 50/50 combine function were added to help judge vertical and horizontal disparities. Daniel Symmes (aka Mr. 3D) comments here about the advantages of anaglyph.


Revamped nano3D Menu Control.   nano3D operation will soon be simplified with a menu sync function.  Instead of changing menus for the individual left and right recorders, all menu changes to the master (left) recorder will automatically be duplicated (synced) in the slave (right) recorder.  Additionally, no menu changes will be required to switch between record and playback modes.


nanoFlash/nano3D gets Avid AMA Support.  Avid has recently added beta support for "Link to AMA Files" for nanoFlash and FlashXDR MXF files, which eliminates the video copy through the import process. So nanoFlash and FlashXDR MXF files can now be accessed directly through the File -> Link to AMA Files option. Media Composer patch is required.


PC Version of QuickTime → MXF File Converter Released.   The new PC version of our QuickTime (MOV) to MXF file converter was recently posted. The free converter can be downloaded here.


HotSwap (Finally) Added!   The long awaited and much anticipated hot-swap function will be part of the upcoming nanoFlash beta.  Hot-swap will allow users to remove an inactive CF without interrupting the record session. Furthermore, while recording, a card swap can be forced via a quick double tap on the record button. Now you can continue recording and remove the partially filled CF card for instant editing.  Read comments from current nanoFlash users.

Image Flip/Flop Coming.  Vertical flip and/or horizontal flop for 1080p video will also be part of the upcoming firmware beta. These functions were added to support 3D mirror rigs and 2D 35mm lens adapters. nano3D users can apply the flip/flop to either or both left and right channels.
Canon XF Series MXF Support.  Canon XF series users will soon be able to playback native 50Mbps 4:2:2 MXF files on the nanoFlash. You can transfer the CF card out of the Canon camera directly into the nanoFlash for playback. This capability effectively makes the nanoFlash a field deck for the Canon XF camera.  The nanoFlash also adds SD recording and playback as well as high bit-rate (up to 280 Mbps I-Frame) recording capability to the XF series cameras.
Record Delay Still on Track.   As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the record delay will still be part of the upcoming beta firmware. Record delay defers the start of a time-code triggered record by a user selectable number of seconds. This delay reduces the number of false triggers due to tape repositioning and various other time-code events.

Configuration Files to Simplify Setup.   The next nano firmware will also include Configuration Files.  The CD recorders have quickly become very sophisticated, feature-packed products. While this greatly enhances the product value, it can also make setup and operation more complicated - especially for 3D. 

To help resolve this conundrum, the next firmware will include support for pre-defined configuration files.  Users can now select a specific “Config” file (loaded on a CF card), which sets all the menu items for a specific operation.  Examples include: Time-Lapse, 1080p24 over 60i, Over/Under Crank, 3D recording/playback, etc.  More info will be available in the Release Notes found with the beta software.


nano3D and the new Panasonic AG-3DA1 – A perfect Combo.   nano3D is the perfect recorder to enhance the video quality and functionality of the new Panasonic 3D camera, the AG-3DA1. Among many features, nano3D offers very high quality 280 Mbps 4:2:2 I-Frame Only recording (native in-camera recording is AVCHD, 21 to 24 Mbps, Long-GOP 4:2:0). Watch the Video of the nano3D in action with the Panasonic Camera. Download the complete list of nano3D benefits.


nanoFlash and the upcoming Panasonic AF100/101 – Another Winner.   Like the great combo of nano3D and the Panasonic 3D camera, nanoFlash will be the perfect upgrade for the highly anticipated, large-format sensor, Panasonic AF100/101 camera.  The nanoFlash will enable AF100/101 users to shoot broadcast quality 4:2:2 video, bypassing the native AVCHD CODEC.  Watch for more details in upcoming newsletters.


Panasonic HDX900 Enhanced with nanoFlash.   Along with all the advantages of tapeless workflow and improved video quality, the nanoFlash can add new recording features to your Panasonic HDX900, such as native 24 fps recording.  Read more about these newly discovered capabilities.

The Industry Leading
Portable HD Recorder

The success of the Convergent Design’s nanoFlash has spawned a round of new competitors, but nanoFlash remains the industry leader in terms of power, weight, size, features, and 24/7 support.  Click here for a summary of the many advantages and features.

Publish your favorite video using a
Convergent Design nano product!

Simply log into our site and upload your embedded code to share.   >>GO NOW!

Backup Your Data with Nexto.  Media management is an ongoing issue/concern throughout the entire video production chain.  Two of the major concerns during acquisition are backup of the video files and having sufficient media (enough cards) to record a particular event/shoot. Solid-State media can be quite expensive, especially if the recorder requires high-performance cards to meet a given bit-rate.


Convergent Design has addressed these issues by utilizing the efficient Sony CODEC, which produces very high-quality video at reasonable date-rates (100 Mbps).  Additionally, Convergent has optimized the Compact Flash interface, allowing the use of lower-cost 133X Compact Flash (CF) cards.  Finally, nanoFlash and nano3D employ a FAT32 Compact Flash file format, compatible with the popular Nexto – an ideal field backup drive.


Unlike some competitive recorders, CF cards from the nanoFlash/nano3D/XDR can be directly copied onto the Nexto drive.  The Nexto is a small portable hard-disk backup device, which includes a 500GB drive for around US $350.  The Nexto can reduce the number of CF cards necessary for a given production while serving as a backup drive.  The Nexto includes a FireWire, USB and eSATA port for connection to a PC/MAC, making file download simple and fast.

From peaceful, never-ending horizons, to the thrust and power of g-force, the thrill of flight has long been reserved for professional aviators and conveted by many.  But now, no pilots license required, and the weary need not apply.  Mark Magin of OnBoard Images brings the excitement and adventure of the high-skies to you on High Def Video. >> READ THE FULL STORY

Mark Magin is simply referred to as "No. 1"
as he was Convergent Design's first customer.


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