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Convergent to Attend IBC, Sep 10-14, Amsterdam

This year, Convergent Design, in cooperation with our EU distributor Symbiosis, will be exhibiting at IBC, September 10-14 in Amsterdam (Hall 13, Booth C18).  The new nano3D recorder/player will be the featured product this year.


Come meet the engineers/designers from Convergent Design as well as the sales/support team from Symbiosis.  You’ll see the nano3D in action and have an opportunity to review and discuss the features and suggest applications and possible future enhancements.  You can evaluate the 280Mbps I-Frame only video quality on a professional 46” LCD screen and learn about the simple file-based workflow, compatible with all major NLE programs.



>> Visit the Exhibitor Page

     Latest Downloads
nano3D Current Firmware
nanoFlash Firmware Release 1.6.29(recommended for all users)
nanoFlash Updated User Manual

nano goes 3D; Now Shipping!

3D is here to stay and so is nano3D! We’ve combined two nanoFlash recorders, added some special code to enable frame synchronized recording / playback with side-by-side combining, to created the world’s smallest, lightest-weight, lowest-power 3D recorder!  nano3D supports I-Frame-Only recording at bit-rates up to 280 Mbps with external time-code (LTC) input.  Two independent QuickTime/MXF files (left and right) are written to separate Compact  Flash cards, which can be loaded into Avid, FCP, Premiere, Vegas or Edius for creation of the final 3D movie.


No other solution comes close to the size, portability and low-power of nano3D.  nano3D is now shipping in limited volume with a subset of planned features. Most features will be enabled by IBC.  

nanoFlash number 2000 has shipped! In less than a year after introduction, Convergent Design has shipped over 2000 nanoFlashes.  nanoFlash, the world’s smallest, lightest-weight, professional recorder continues to find adoption in a ever widening range of applications including episodic, documentaries, TV, commercials, and medical.  The low-power, all solid-state design has made nanoFlash an ideal recorder for the extreme environments of aircraft, race cars and jungles.     


Download the Latest firmware.  In case you have missed the progress in the last 6 months, the nanoFlash has been greatly enhanced with a plethora of new features, including: 8-Channel Audio, Over/Under Crank, Tally Bar on confidence monitor, and XDCAM Optical support, among many other enhancements.  

Next Firmware Beta scheduled. The next nanoFlash beta firmware is scheduled to be posted late this month.  Planned features/enhancements include: Vegas “green screen” playback problem fixed, time-code sync issue resolved, Delkin 450X CF card compatibility resolved, wider analog audio input range adjustment (-99 to +44 dB), and a record delay option (0-100 frames) to  compensate for trigger errors from tape-based cameras.
CS5 and nanoFlash happy together.  The next CS5 update, expected this month, will fix the audio issues associated with nanoFlash files. CS5 users will now have native support for all nanoFlash MXF files in both Long-GOP and I-Frame CODECs, at all bit-rates!

Publish your favorite video using a
Convergent Design nano product!

Simply log into our site and upload your embedded code to share.   >>GO NOW!

CF Card Performance Monitor. You can monitor the performance of your Compact Flash cards by turning on the FIFO level meter during record.  Inside the nanoFlash, the compressed video data is internally buffered in a FIFO (First In First Out) memory, before being written onto the Compact Flash card.  By monitoring the FIFO level you can quickly determine if your CF card is fast enough for a given bit-rate.  To enable this feature, you must enable the record button option (in the record trigger menu).  Simultaneously press “record” and the “left arrow”.  The FIFO meter will be displayed on the LCD screen (0 to 100%).  Note that the FIFO level will jump temporarily during file transitions, but should drop quickly back to the 5-10% level.


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