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Convergent Unveils nano3D 
April 9, 2010
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  nanoFlash Enhanced with 280Mbps CODEC 
November 15, 2009
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  nanoFlash Gets 8-Channel Audio, Variable Frame Rate
February 23, 2010
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Convergent Design's nanoFlash Recorder 
By Michael Hanish
October 6, 2010, TV Technology
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nano3D High-Def Ad 
October 2010, Symbiosis
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In Review: Convergent Design nanoFlash 
By Ned Soltz
November 23, 2009,
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  Blazing a Path in the Digital Wilderness 
By Carl Mrozek
December 23, 2009, TV Technology
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  nanoFlash Review in XDCam-User 
By Alister Chapman
October 24, 2009,
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DV Award of Excellence 
By Ned Soltz
December 2009, DV Magazine
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XDCam Product of the Year 2009
By Alister Chapman
December 24, 2009,
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nanoFlash "Best Video Accessory"
January 12, 2010, TechnoFile Awards
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June 14-17, Sol, South Korea 
Broadcast Asia
June 21-24, Singapore
July 19-22, Australia
July 20-22, Johanasberg, South Africa
  IBC 2011
September 9-13, Amsterdam
November 16-18, Tokyo
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