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Video Standards


Video Formats

1080p23.98/24/25/29.97/30; 1080i50/59.94/60; 720p23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60; 576i; 480i

Video I/O

Two BNCs, (1 Input, 1 output);  Two HDMI (1 Input, 1 Output) Type C; (No SD output via HDMI)

Record Features

High-Quality MPEG2 Compressed Recording using Sony hardware CODEC module, stored into Quicktime (MOV), MXF, or MPG file formats with audio and timecode


User programmable Over/Under Crank, Time-Lapse, 3:2 and 2:2 Pulldown Removal, On-Screen Tally,


Loop Recording, Record on Power-Up, Duration Recording, Numerous Record Triggers,


Pre-Record Buffer (Cache Recording): 4 or 7 Seconds, depending on Bit-Rate

MPEG2 Profiles

422P@HL: 100, 140, 180, 220, 280 Mbps VBR (1920x1080i/p, 1280x720p, 4:2:2, I-Frame)

422P@HL: 50, 100, 140, 180 Mbps VBR (1920x1080i/p, 1280x720p, 4:2:2, Long-GOP)

MP@HL: 18, 35 Mbps VBR (1440x1080i/p, 4:2:0, Long-GOP) (XDCAM HD)

422P@ML: 30, 40, 50 Mbps, CBR (720x480, 720x576) 4:2:2, I-Frame (IMX)

MP@ML: 3,5,6,7,8,9 Mbps VBR (720x480, 720x576) 4:2:0, Long-GOP) (MPG Only)

Playback Control

Play, Fast-Forward (Depending on Bit-Rate), and Pause; Queue to Timecode


Two CompactFlash card slots, Only Qualified Cards are supported, 133x to 600x, 8 GB to 128 GB, Only one CompactFlash card necessary for recording, Hot Swappable Media

Transfer Station

Compact Flash to USB 2.0 Reader Included

Monitor Support

External Pass Thru (E to E Direct or regular) to HD-SDI or HDMI Monitors

NLE Compatibility

Final Cut Pro, 6.0.4+; Avid 3+; Adobe CS3/4 with Main Concept Codec, CS5,;
Avid < Version 5, 50 Mbps Long-GOP or any I-Frame bit-rate; Sony Vegas, 9+; Edius 5+

Menu System

LCD for Menu/Status, with simple keypad to control menu system, Time Remaining in Minutes, Card Status Indicators, Timecode Display, Frame Rate Display, Battery Voltage Display, LED Status


HD-SDI Embedded (SMPTE RP-188) or LTC via the remote control input with optional cable,

Internal Timecode Generator (Time of Day, Free Run, Preset/Reset, Jam Sync), Internal Clock

Digital Audio I/O

HD-SDI Embedded up to 8-Channels, uncompressed, 24-Bit, 48kHz

Analog Audio Input

3.5 mm input jack, 1 balanced or 2 unbalanced, mic or line, 24-Bit, 48kHz audio, audio level meters

Analog Audio Output

3.5 mm output jack, headphone or consumer line level, monitor any channel pair, menu selectable

Remote Control (Option)

Wired Remote Control with Tally Light and LTC Input, cable available at extra cost

Power Requirements

6 to 19 Volts DC, < 6 watts (active) / under 0.3 watt (automatic idle mode, with no video input)

Size, Weight

107 x 94 x 36 mm  (4.2 x 3.7 x 1.4”); 385 grams (0.85 lb); Aluminum Case


+70C to -20 C Ambient Temp (Operating);  +75C to -40 C (Storage)

nanoFlash Bundle

nanoFlash Recorder, HD-SDI cable, HDMI cable, Hotshoe with 1/4"x20 Ball Mount,
Universal AC Power Supply, P-Tap Power Cable, USB 2.0 CompactFlash Card Reader

Optional Accessories

2-Cell Lithium Hour Battery (~3 Hour) and Charger, Remote Control, D-Tap and XLR Power Cables


Many batteries and mounting accessories available through third parties.

Compact Flash backup available via Nexto DI (


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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