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Operational and Technical SupportMinimize

Convergent Design
4465 Northpark Dr, Ste. 400
Colorado Springs, CO  80907


For technical support call:

Andy Mangrum
Weekdays 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Mountain Time 
USA Mountain Time Zone - GMT (UTC) -7
++(720)-221-3861 (Option Support)
++(720)-227-9296 Fax 

To email our support department:
Please use the Support form, above. For reference, our Support email is:  CD Support   at   convergent-design . com

For any operational or sales questions, or after hours support, call:
Dan Keaton
Director of Sales and Marketing
Weekdays 5:30 am - 10:30 pm Eastern Time

Eastern Time Zone - GMT (UTC) -5
Primary (803) 278-0941 (This is the best number to call)
Mobile (719) 930-1376
Main Office Number 720-221-3861 (Option Sales) 
Emergency mobile:  (706) 294-4091
Skype:  dan dot keaton1
(change the "dot"  to  "." and remove spaces)       

For URGENT support or sales questions, you may call Dan 24/7

To email our sales department:
CD Sales   at   Convergent-Design . com

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