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Mark Magin is simply referred to as "No. 1"
as he was Convergent Design's first customer.

From peaceful, never-ending horizons, to the thrust and power of g-force, the thrill of flight has long been reserved for professional aviators and coveted by many. But now, no pilots license required, and the weary need not apply.  Mark Magin of OnBoard Images brings the excitement and adventure of the high-skies to you on High Def Video. 


“We strive to provide superior videography services combined with revolutionary camera systems and award winning video production”.


When Mark first dreamed of ‘taking people to places they’ve never been’ by delivering HD video of ‘places they’ve never seen’, he rocked the world of racecar driving and high-speed boats.  But when he set his sights higher, finding components to make his aerial video recording a reality was ‘Mission Impossible’.  The missing link?  A recorder.


“Size and weight is everything.  I needed small components and after discovering Convergent Design’s nanoFlash I knew right away this would be the product that worked for me. Convergent Design has made my business possible.  It’s been a very symbiotic relationship ever since.”


OnBoard Images faces extreme environmental issues. There is a science and precision to adding even a few pounds of additional hardware weight to a plane. Safety issues and decreased performance arise when as much as 10 pounds are added to a load as the g-force multiplies the weight to nearly 100 pounds.  As the smallest, lightest-weight recorder on the market, OnBoard Images is able to mount multiple rigs to maximize the experience. Under this amount of violent pressure, tape decks on other products were the largest component to fail.  nanoFlash uses readily available compact flash cards, making the production affordable and dependable. 


“With nanoFlash I get the quality I’m use to and delivered reliably”.


Mark Magin of OnBoard Images accomplishments and awards are many.  Notably, they are recent Emmy Award winners for “Recon”, a series following members of the Army and Air Force’s World Class Athlete Program. Hired by the Discovery Channel they were honorably chosen to shoot aerial footage for the Century of Flight special. They are winners of multiple ICAS awards, documentarians, and we’ve only scratched the surface.  When asked what he attributes the success of OnBoard Images bringing fans where they couldn’t go before, he says,


“I couldn’t bring these experiences and footage to my customers without the nanoFlash professional recorder.  I would undoubtedly attribute a large portion of my success to Convergent Design’s products and support.”


With a heavy-heart he continues to describe touching moment where a substitute teacher in a low-income school described how relating to and amongst his students had become adversarial at best.  In a moment to diffuse an intolerant situation he played a DVD of an OnBoard Images video.  Thirty minutes later he had different students.  He continued to tell him that there is something about flight that supercedes boundaries and motivated his students achieve and dream. 


Convergent Design’s line of nano-products continues to lead the industry in professional recording devices.  We are brining next generation technology to videographers who are making a big difference in the way the view and experience the world around us. 

    OnBoard Images
Mark A. Magin, Owner


Smart. Studio.
Creative 'nanoRack' in a Smart
car traveling Europe.
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OnBoard Images
Aerial use of the nanoFlash.
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